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  Expert Witness   Reports

The production of expert witness reports, are carried out in conjunction with Criminal Procedure Rules (Part 19 as amended) for criminal cases and Civil Procedure Rules (Part 35 & Practice Direction 35) which is accepted by all levels of Court within the United Kingdom.

All of our Experts act in accordance within the Code of Practice of Experts and within the guidance of their individual professional bodies.

The format states the opinions of the author and on what basis they are formed. Any literature used in the formation of a report is referred to in an appendix to the report. Are reports are structured so that they are easy to follow and understand, are populated with graphs, diagrams, photographs and or video (Exhibited) as appropriate.


We accept work  for  Legally aided cases, corporate and private clients. For LAA cases, we can provide a detailed quotation  so that prior authority can be applied for  (Please note our terms are within 30 days of billing unless by prior arrangements). Once you have prior authority you have no financial risk, since our costs are guaranteed to be met by the fund.

In urgent cases you do not need to get prior authority if you are satisfied the instruction is necessary for the conduct of the case and the fees are reasonable in all the circumstances.

For private fee paying work we will give you a quote and are happy to await your instructions until such time as you have the fees on account from your client.

Unfortunately we do not accept instruction from private clients unless represented by a legal representative.

For a no obligation quotation please contact us on 01642 984259 or 07962493317

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