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They have specific product training and recognized skill's in areas associated with transport being associated with the Institute of Road Transport Engineers and the Institute of the Motor Industry. They are fully qualified in the area of Accident Investigation & Reconstruction and Vehicle Examination being City & Guilds Qualified and have gained considerable experience in associated subjects whilst engaged as full time police accident investigators.

Grieveson Partners have considerable experience in the field of litigation and insurance related matters having been the northern area representative for a leading insurance company for 10 yrs, involving the taking of witness statements, full accident locus reports with scale plans, photographs and full accident investigation and reconstruction reports, as well as numerous insurance related enquiries as part of our routine work load.  Our Investigators are regarded as expert witnesses in the field of accident investigation and have considerable experience in producing detailed reconstruction reports in relation to high profile serious driving offence cases for solicitor practices, which involves attending Crown Court to present evidence.

Our variety of services in relation accident investigation has proved to be of considerable value and includes witness statement evaluation, mathematical investigation & reconstruction, detailed site investigations and reports, digital still/video photography of driver/witness views, detailed film photography of scenes/vehicles etc. Our principal partner has been employed as a full time qualified accident investigator for 26 years, the later 16 years being with Grieveson Partners. He is a Member of the Institute of Traffic Accident Investigators and has been an active member of the institute since inception. Our principal is a ‘checked expert witness’ with The Law Society and is listed on their directory of expert witnesses.

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Grieveson Partners only employ highly qualified investigators who specialize in the area of Accident Investigation & Reconstruction. Our Accident Investigators are thoroughly experienced and knowledgeable motor vehicle practitioners with substantial practical backgrounds and comprehensive qualifications.

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